Compensation & Fees

How do I pay you for your work?

It's never easy to ask, but at Marshall Associates, we welcome this question. Clarity about fees is vital to a successful working relationship.

Every client is unique.  At Marshall Associates our compensation depends on how you wish to work with us.  With four options available, 'Fee-Only', Traditional (per transaction), Flat-Rate (one-time and/or recurring) or Hourly, how we are compensated is entirely up to you.  Regardless of which option you prefer, rest assured, our focus will always be on you and your well-being.

At Marshall Associates, we make planning advice easy and affordable for everyone. Call us to discuss which option may be right for you.



  • 'Fee-Only'
  • Traditional (Pay per transaction.  Commission based.)
  • Flat-Rate (One-time and/or recurring fee.)
  • Hourly


Note that fees for Financial Planning, Financial Counseling & Portfolio Review may be waived if client has assets under management with us.  Otherwise, these services will be billed at flat and/or hourly rates.